15 Pictures You’ll Understand If Your Childhood Church Was RCCG

Nigerians are very Religious!

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world and the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is the most populous church in Africa. There are some things anyone who was born into the church will always experience as a member.

Here are 15 pictures that will make sense to you if you were born in RCCG;

#1. The morning devotion starter pack:

#2. Your second bible from children to teens church:

#3. Your church, when they say Daddy G.O will be visiting.

#4. When you always passed at least 3 or more RCCG parishes before reaching your own.

#5. Always hearing Area pastor, Zonal pastor, and Parish pastor, but never knowing the difference.

#6. Whenever your parents forced you to go for Digging Deep or Faith Clinic.

#7. You and your family turning up every Thanksgiving Sunday like:

#8. When service is meant to end by 11:30, but by 12:30 you’re still there.

#9. When you hear “Good women wait behind” you know you’re not leaving church anytime soon.

#10. You, dodging responsibilities during teens and children’s week.

#11. Your parents, when you tell them you don’t want to attend Redeemer’s university.

#12. When you just got back from church and they are already calling you for house fellowship.

#13. You, the day before every yearly fast.

#14. When Easter comes and your parents start talking about Lets-Go-A-Fishing.

#15. How Lagos-Ibadan expressway looks every Holy Ghost Service: