10 Weird Facts About The UK

Guess you don’t know  These 10 Weird Facts About The UK

Facts About The UK

United Kingdom has a colorful history with countless numbers of strange facts. These weird acts are all believed to be true. Highlighted here are 10 of such facts. Hope you enjoy them.

  1. Queen Elizabeth does not have a passport of hers. I wonder how she gets through the security.
  1. The shortest flight in the world lasts just 2 minutes and it is found in Scotland. This flight is a mile in length. It connects Westray and Papa Westray.
  1. The legal age for kids in the UK to drink alcohol at home is just 5 years.
  1. The toenails of a long-dead alcoholic elephant (referred to as the mascot of the 78th regiment) are being displayed in the military museum section of Edinburgh Castle.
  1. The most remote pub in Britain is The Old Forge on Iverie in Scotland. It is 107 miles away from the nearest city (Iverness). It has no access road.
  1. It is illegal to die in the house of parliaments.
  1. Queen Anne had 17 children and all the children died before she died.
  1. The English Parliament abolished Christmas in 1647.
  1. One of the richest treasures in the world was found in Cheapside, London.
  1. Joseph Swan was the real inventor of electricity in 1880. However, he later teamed up with Thomas Edison in order to perfect it.