10 Ways To Enjoy Your Ijebu Garri

How We Love Our Ijebu Garri

Garri (which is also referred to as ebe or utara) is a popular food found in the West African countries. It is made from cassava tubers. Ijebu garri is a variation of white garri which is mainly produced by the Yorubas that hail from Ijebu. It has finer grains with a pleasant sour taste and very suitable for consumption.

You can enjoy your ijebu garri in any of the following ways:

  1. Chewing the grains

Since garri is a form of roasted processed cassava, it is okay to chew the grains without being soaked in water. You can chew it with groundnuts, coconuts or palm nuts.

  1. Soak in water

You can soak the garri in water and drink it like that without adding anything.

  1. Garri with water and groundnut

You can add cold water and drink it with groundnut (to add taste) just like a cereal.

  1. Cooking

You can cook the garri by adding boiling water to make a stiff paste called “eba.” This can be eaten with all kinds of Nigerian soups. (Preferably “draw soup”)

  1. Garri, sugar and groundnut

You can add sugar and groundnut to it and chew them without being soaked in water. Another variation is to soak them in water and taken like a cereal.

  1. Garri, sugar and kulikuli

Kulikuli is a local snack found in Nigeria. It is made from ground groundnut which can be mixed with pepper. Kulikuli can also be used in place of groundnut and used with sugar to drink garri. It’s a wonderful combination.

  1. Garri, sugar and eja dindin(Fried Fish)

Eja dindin simply means fried fish. Simply add the sugar to the soaked garri and as you take the bits of the fried fish in your mouth, wash it down with the chilled garri.

  1. Garri, sugar, milk and groundnut


To me, this is an overbalanced diet. You have sugar, milk and groundnut contributing their nutrients. Here, you soak your garri in a cold water, then you add your sugar and milk and then enjoy it with groundnut. It’s an experience you’ll always crave for.

  1. Garri and coconut

Taking coconut alone is delicious. When you take it with garri soaked in chilled water, the feeling is out of this world

  1. Garri and moimoi

Moimoi is obtained from ground beans which had been cooked. Taking it with garri is another form of enjoying your ijebu garri.

Do you have any other way you enjoy your ijebu garri, why don’t you share it with us through the comment section?