10 Top Safest Countries to Live in 2016

10 Top Safest Countries to Live In

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks and economic melt down, most European countries are becoming risky to live in. If your dream is to live in a safe country, you’ll find in this article a list of the top 10 safest countries to live in.

  1. Iceland

It is a very beautiful country well known for its glacier, frosty climate and geothermal power. It has a very low crime rate and maximum guaranteed security. The economy of the country also enables the people to live a wealthy life. Also, it has no standing army, thereby making it the safest country to live in.

  1. Taiwan

It has a low exposure to robbery, criminal activities and violence. Tourists in Taiwan have never complained of being faced with violence. It has an advanced industrial economy with rapid economic growth and industrialization. It is reputed for good health care, education and human development.

  1. Denmark

It is also characterized with low crime rate. The people maintain gender equality, something that’s not achievable in other countries. The citizens exert their energy on developing their economy instead of being violent.

  1. Austria

This country has strict laws which prevent violence from prevailing, although there may be petty thieves crime rate is very low. Austria is a country filled with historic and beautiful cities which attracts tourist all year round.

  1. New Zealand

Despite the increase in population, the crime rate has decreased drastically. New Zealand is characterized with stable economy, good politics and great foreign policies. It provides a satisfied, conducive and peaceful atmosphere to its inhabitants.

  1. Georgia

In this country, you’re safe to walk alone both in the night and day. It is one of the best places for tourism. Tourist centers in this country include Caucasus mountain range, Black sea Coastline etc.

  1. Canada

Canada gives room for its citizens to retain their way of life and traditional values. It respects human rights. It is one of the countries with the lowest violence rate, thereby making it safe.

  1. Japan

The low crime rate in Japan makes it one of the safest countries in the world. It has strict laws, culture and disciplinary principles. It is also not associated with robberies and theft.

  1. Finland

It is one of the most peaceful and stable countries in the world. It has a strong economy and has no special enemy. They also practice true democracy.

     10. Singapore

Singapore has the lowest crime and corruption tolerant rate. It also has a high per capita income. The country has the biggest financial center and busiest ports. It also supports capitalism.

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