10 Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Amazing and Unbelievably Strange Vehicles Ever Made

Talking of vehicles, they come in different sizes and shapes but some are just strange looking. These cars are products of the combination of the designers’ vision of the future with aesthetics and functionality. Enjoy our compilation of the 10 strangest vehicles ever made.

  1. 1936 Stout Scarab

It was designed by William Stout. It was powered by a Ford V-8 but didn’t take off due to its expensive price. Less than 10 this car were made.

Strangest Vehicles 1Credit: Michael Furman

  1. 1942 Oeuf electrique

Also referred to as an electric egg, it had three wheels and operated using batteries long after gasoline was dominantly used for powering vehicles. It was designed by Parisian Paul Arzens who worked as a painter.

Strangest Vehicles 2Credit: Michel Zumbrunn/ Urs Schmid