10 Men You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t think these people exist. You can easily assume their looks are superstitious, but they are actually real men. These men have their names in the record books for their a nose, tongue, hair etc… You will be amazed by what got each of them into the Guinness World Records. Below is a list of 10 men with strange body structures and features; Its really Crazy!

  1. Francisco Domingo Joaquim

world's biggest mouth

He is from Angola and has a very big mouth which measured 17cm (6.69 inches).

  1. Tran Van Hay

world's longest

His hair is 6.8 meters long. He grew is hair as a result of superstition just because he fell sick after cutting his hair as a boy.

  1. Mehmet Ozyurek

world's longest nose

He has the longest nose in the world. His nose measures 3.46 inches.

  1. Rolf Buchholz

most pierced man

He has the most disturbing piercings in the world. He has 453 piercings. About 278 are around his private parts. Staring at him alone is enough for you to have nightmares.

  1. Chandra Cahadur Dangi

world's shortest manSource: Ibtimes

He is the world’s shortest man with height 1ft 9” (54.6 cm). He died in September 3rd 2015 of an undisclosed illness.

  1. Nick Stoeberl

Source: Huffingtonpost

Nick Stoeberl has the world’s longest tongue. He’s an artist and a comedian. His tongue is 10.1 cm (3.97”) long.

  1. Vijay Sharma

Source: Storyglitz

He is incredibly elastic and flexible. He is capable of wrapping his legs over his head and also wind his arms around his back.

  1. Ram Singh Chauhan

He has the world’s longest mustache (about 14ft). It takes him an hour to groom the mustache.

  1. Sultan Kosen

Tallest manSource: Telegraph

He is the world’s tallest man. He’s a Turkish farmer with height 8ft 3” (251 cm).

10. Dede Koswara

Tree man

He’s regarded as a real life Tree Man. He scraped his knee in the forest and small warts sprouted around the wound. The bark-like warts then spread from his feet to his hands… He has been through some surgeries, and he is much better now.