You Would Not Believe What These Parents Did to Their Kids

World’s Worst Parents

Ranging from parents that neglect their kid for a virtual kid to the parent that tried to sell her daughter’s virginity, we highlight 15 world’s worst parents- parents that should have never been allowed to have kids.

  1. Sarah Burge

She gave her 7-year-old daughter a boob job as gift for her birthday. It cost her $10,000 to get her daughter the breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Torry Hansen

She was reputed for returning her adopted son to Russia. She claimed the boy was violent and had psychological issues.

  1. South Korean that neglected their kid for a virtual child

As a result of neglect and starvation, the couple’s three-month-old infant girl died. The child was given birth to prematurely. Thus, the parents tried to escape reality by spending hours at the cyber café raising a virtual child.

  1. Sandra Padilla Miranda

She was arrested for setting up a fight between her daughter and her classmate in order to settle a beef. She invite her enemy’s daughter over to her house so that her daughter could fight her.

  1. Kerry Campbell

The British woman injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox to remove her wrinkles. According to her, she was preparing her daughter for child beauty pageants.

  1. The Davies

The central Georgia couple allowed a man to have sex with their 14-year-old daughter in order not to pay for their minivan.

  1. Billy Joe Madden

He allowed his 8-year-old son drive on the interstate in order to take a nap after being drunk.

  1. The father who fought her step-daughter as punishment.

As a result of going to party without her parents’ permission, Fremon Seay fought with a sword with her step daughter.


  1. A couple forgot their 8-month old kid in a parking lot after having a heated argument. They parted their ways after the argument and thought the other had the baby.


10. Ronda Holder

She shamed her 15-year-old son because of his poor academic performance. She made him walk on a busy street with an embarrassing sign hung round is neck.

11. Charlie Wilcox

She smoked 3500 cigarettes while she was pregnant. The baby was later born prematurely and underweight.

12. Brittany Hill

She was arrested in 2012 for attempting to sell her kid who was four-month-old then. She was trying to sell the baby for $4,000. The advert was found in the classifieds section of her newspaper.

13. Larry long

The drunk, high dad left his 5-week-old baby in the oven overnight. The baby was later withdrawn from her irresponsible parents’ custody.

14. Alexandra Tobias

She killed her three-month-old son for interrupting her game. Alexandra Tobias told police that she shook her baby son repeatedly because his crying distracted her.

15. Josef Fritzl

He assaulted and raped her daughter countless number of times. This led to the birth of seven children and a miscarriage.