Where Does Jollof Rice Originate From?

Jollof War

Is Jollof Rice Originally From Nigeria or Ghana?

Jollof rice war is a very sensitive topic between Nigerians and Ghanaians. No one else understands this rivalry

Well, since its been an established fact from historical evidence that the dish originated from the Kingdom of Jolof which was a West African rump state located in what is today the nation of Senegal which thrived between 1549–1875. So I think that this question should rather be “Between Ghana and Nigeria, which country got Jollof Rice first?”

According to the geographical origin and the era that the revered dish began to spread across the rest of West Africa region and the available mediums of transportation at the time, it is undoubtedly practical that it would have gotten to Ghana before Nigeria.

 jollof rice war

Also based on public opinion by a survey conducted by The Guardian, it is shown that majority of a sample of West Africans believe that Ghana embraced Jollof before Nigeria did

Photo: The Guardian – Who invented jollof rice?

As to the heavily heated issue whose Jollof is better, a whole documentary with scientific experiments would need to be produced to judge…literally

The rivalry is this bad: Watch the Jollof war video below:

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According to a lot of sources, Jollof rice is originally called Benachin which in Wolof means “one pot”. The info on Wikipedia was recently updated stating that Jollof has Nigerian roots, which is strange because the Wolof people are sometimes referred to as Jolof people.
I strongly believe Jollof originates from Senegal/Gambia because of its name of course and if Nigerians or we Ghanaians can explain exactly it is called that, it would very much help. As it stands now, no one has actual evidence except a sense of national entitlement that Jollof rice orginates from their country.
It would be difficult to point out the exact country of origin because of the lack of reliable documented info and for the fact that most of the people who answer or will answer may be biased. Please lets be honest guys.
But I must add, the origin of the dish does not determine the final taste, because I can confidently say to you, after years of painstaking research that Jollof from Ghana is the best – Gideon Aduku