The Awesomeness of Russian Drunks

Aaaaaaah, another video coming from mother Russia. I must admit, Japan and Russia are surely the best countries in the world if you love crazy shit. Japan – octopus porn and basically weird society in general; Russia – country full of aggressive drunks and wanna – be mobsters.

Fun fact –  every third person who owns a car in Russia has a dashboard cam installed in it.

It is really funny to see all those drunk people pretty much crawling over the road. It is  simply ridiculous.

Now, there’s something that always intrigued me about those low life drunks, especially Russian drunks as we all know Russia is a pretty poor country – HOW THE HELL DO THEY HAVE MONEY TO DRINK SO MUCH?? I mean, I’m from Croatia and alcohol is pretty expensive around here, at least for our budget.

2 liters of quality beer in the supermarket can be bought for roughly $3. Let’s say it takes around 8 – 10 liters of beer to make a person really drunk ( as drunk as those guys in the video are ), it means they have to spend somewhere around $15 to get drunk af.

Now, let us assume they drink every third day ( although we all know these people drink pretty much every day ), in a month they will spend somewhere around $150 on alcohol. WHERE DO THEY GET THAT MUCH MONEY??? We all know they