Media Entrepreneur Linda Ikeji Delights Fans As Covers Girl ThisDay Style Magazine

Linda ikeji

The power blogger who was shot by leading photographer Ty Bello and styled by Moashy Styling served major Hollywood glam in the new issue.

We all know Linda for her blog, fashion and as a media entrepreneur, but the former beauty queen show she is also a force to reckon with when it come covering front pages of magazines.

Celebrity photographer TY Bello too charge of this breath-taking photoshoot and she shared a personal story as she normally does

Linda ikeji

LINDA IKEJI: So I remember a short moment I had during @officiallindaikeji ‘s shoot …we were all in her bathroom .. she ..reclined beautifully in that tub .. surrounded by the beauty team ..every one was readjusting something .. making sure it is was all perfect .. but her phone was never far .. I noticed she found moments to work .. in the middle of our drama .. I was then transported into a moment in her life over a decade ago when someone asked what she did .. and the look of confusion and worse ..concern when she retorted .. ‘ I’m a blogger … I blog ‘.
I know that confused – concerned-almost -condescending look I got when people didn’t understand my answer .
I remember sitting in a car in 2001 and an older aunty asked me .. what’s that ‘thing ‘ you said you do again ….’photography ‘ abi… ?everything about her tone put inverted commas on the word . But I stayed engaged because I knew she was genuinely interested and somewhat concerned… I answered yes and then she responded.. You’re living your dreams .. abi? And before my goggly eyed self could respond, she jerked me forward with a loud …WAKE UP!!!!! .. I’ll never forget .. Not necessarily the conversation itself but the conversations I had with my self afterwards .. I was so shaken .. no one had spoken so direct .most people just figured it was best to give me time to figure life out … till I get a real job
In that conversation.. I did WAKE UP .. to the truth that I had made a choice .. I was going to live as a CREATIVE … and that it wasn’t something to .. ‘see where this goes’.. this was going to be LIFE .my future .., so from that conversation .. I chose to give it EVERYTHING !Every once in a while I still yell at my self .. WAKE UP!!! And I ask my self the real questions .Im I giving it EVERYTHING!! For to live the life of my dreams … I must do it COMPLETELY AWAKE.
Special thanks to @officiallindaikeji for letting us into her beautiful space and being such an amazing host .. and to the dream team that worked on this .. etidunju 😎

Here are some of the photos of Linda Ikeji from the shoot:
Linda IkejiPhoto: TY Bello

Linda IkejiPhoto: TY Bello

Linda IkejiPhoto: TY Bello

Linda IkejiPhoto: TY Bello

Creative Direction: @asquarednetwork
Makeup: @bimpeonakoya
Hair:  @bernardsmiless
Interview: @duchesskaykay


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